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GenomeRunner: Functional interpretation of SNPs within regulatory/epigenomic context

GenomeRunner is a tool for functional enrichment analysis of SNP sets within regulatory/epigenomic context. The philosophy behind GenomeRunner is that SNPs are not acting in isolation and may collectively alter regulatory/epigenomic features. Finding which regulatory features are affected may help to understand mechanisms of complex diseases from a holistic perspective.

GenomeRunner performs regulatory enrichment/annotation analyses, differential regulatory analysis, and cell type-specific enrichment analysis. The downloadable results are visualized as interactive heatmaps, barplots, and tables (Example 1, single SNP set analysis), (Example 2, multiple SNP sets analysis).

GenomeRunner web server: regulatory similarity and differences define the functional impact of SNP sets. (PDF
Dozmorov MG, Cara LR, Giles CB, Wren JD

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The results of GenomeRunner analyses may be used for research purposes only.

Advanced Features

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